Was Born: 12-28-93     At: Saint Vincent Hospital Jacksonville FL. 

Her favorite color: Purple  

Her Favorite Shape: Star

Favorite TV Show: Tiny & Toya

Tiphne was a very quiet and humble child that everybody loved. She was known for her smile and her sense of fashion. She loved shopping and being with her family. Tiphne wanted to go to college to be a fashion designer and  an  entrepreneur like her mom. She also was a Christian, Tiphne turned her life over to God at the age of 8 years old at The Potters House Christian Academy  she stayed at the Potters house until the age of 14, from there she left to Jehovah Jar-ah. 


  Stonewall Jackson Elementary School    

Tiphne Principal Ms Locket spoke at her Funeral .

  J. E. B. Stuart Middle School  

  Edward H. White High School

Principal Ms Jackie Simmons Spoke Very Highly of Tiphne

Tiphne was on her way to College to become a Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur!

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